Team Mode

More info on the Team Modes subsection.

Visual features


Inside the menu 'OPTIONS'.
This lets you set most of nDuke's new features without having to mess with console commands.

New mini-hud

Display key cards if in Single Player / COOP
Display all inventory
Display all weapons and ammo

Switch with +/- keys to display new huds

Color Description
Normal Current weapon
Blue Has weapon AND ammo
Red Has weapon but no ammo
Black Doesn't have weapon

In-game clock

A simple counter for game time

Console command CLOCK #, where # is the mode (1 = ON, 0 = OFF)

Player name on HUD

The name of the current player being spyed is shown at the bottom-left corner of the screen, right above the HUD
If not watching a demo or spying someone on Coop/Team modes then nothing is shown, to avoid confusion

Death notifications

Death notifications just like Counter-Strike or Team-Fortress
It shows who killed who and the weapon used
Can be set on the 'NETPLAY OPTIONS'

Console command FRAGMESSAGES #, where # is as follows (0 = Old style, 1~10 = Amount of frag messages to show)

Player colors

Can be set on the 'NETPLAY OPTIONS'

Console command COLOR #, where # is the color number

Command line -color #, to start the game already using a color

NFLAG bit 2 to disable in game color changes

Number Color Name
0 - Auto
1 Blue
2 Red
3 Green
4 Gray
5 Dark Gray
6 Dark Green
7 Brown
8 Dark Blue
9 Bright Red
10 Yellow

Target Names

Displays the opponent's name when aiming at them.
Can be set on the 'NETPLAY OPTIONS'

NFLAG bit 8 to disable it from the current session (balance measure)

Commad line features

Starting weapon

The start weapon can now be changed, so at every respawn duke will start with that weapon instead of spawning with a pistol

Command line /startweapon#, where # is the weapon number

Number Weapon Name Ammo
1 Kick -
2 Pistol 48
3 Shotgun 10
4 Chaingun 50
5 RPG 5
6 Pipebomb 5
7 Shrinker 10
8 Devastator 15
9 Tripbomb 5
10 Freezer 25
11 Expander 20

Frag/Score and Time limit

Displays a banner and plays duke music when a player reaches the defined frag/score ammount or when the time limit is hit
When the banner is displayed, all players scores are blocked and the Flag on CTF Modes can't be captured

Command line /y##, where ## is the frag/score ammount (1~99)

Command line /k###, where ### is a number in minutes, max of 960 (16 hours)

Security features

Blocked speed abuse tricks

In DOS Duke, the movement limiter is set at 90 units for both forward and strafe axes of movement.
But playing normally with keyboard and mouse, you can only get 80 units on both forward and strafe axis.
You could also get the 90 units on strafe axis only by using an advanced (yet limited) technique called strafe50.
Only joystick users could abuse the maximum of 90 units of movement on both forward and strafe axes so they had an advantage.
The default limit on nDuke is 80 so players that use keyboard and mouse won't be at disadvantage.
For more info on that, go to:

Command line /oldspeedlimit enables the old speed limit (90 units)
So you cheaters can be happy again.
Every player must accept this or the match wont start

Blocked custom .art files

In DOS Duke, it's possible to edit the game graphics and play online normally.
Some players would abuse this by editing certain graphics.
For example, the player sprites, by replacing the transparent color with a fullbright color so they can see their opponents from far away very easily.
This gives them a lot of advantage.
This is blocked by default in nDuke.

Command line /allowtiles enables the usage of custom .art files
So you cheaters can be happy again.
Every player must accept this or the match wont start

BUG fixes
  • [xDuke] Expander's auto-aim now works properly on the bullets only auto aim mode (now renamed to hitscan only)
  • [DOS Duke]If the player dies drowning and respawns on an underwater area, he wont spawn drowning (the air_left counter is reseted)
  • [DOS Duke]When a player dies from an expander explosion, the frag doesnt go anymore for the player that was expanded, but instead goes to the player with the expander

Known bugs
  • The current demo format doesn't save name/color/team changes. Changing name/color while recording is harmless, but team changes can cause serious desyncs... Dunno if i'll ever tweak the demo format, but for the time being make sure to use NFLAGS 2+4 to block color/team changes if you want to record a demo.

Stuff planned for the future
  • Save demos on a /demos folder, with dynamic names (date, map, etc)
  • Save the chat on demos (not sure if viable)
  • Fix COOP's friendly fire OFF feature (so you can kill yourself normally) and then put support for it on team modes
  • Automatic screenshots when quitting the game or when the frag/time limit is hit
  • Some sort of option to disable draw games when using time limit