Game modes

Team Duke-Match

Like normal Duke-Match, but team based.

Capture The Flag

Like ZDaemon's CTF.
Each team has a flag on it's own base.
To score, you must capture the opposite team's Flag and bring it to your team flag location.
You must also prevent the opposing team of capturing your flag, so they don't score.

1-Flag CTF

Alternative CTF Mode.
On your team's base, there will be only a Flag delivering spot (transparent Flag).
To score, you must capture the Neutral Flag (gray colored) on the middle of the map and bring it to your team flag spot.
You must also prevent the opposing team of capturing the flag, so they don't score.

Attack/Defense CTF

A more sophisticated CTF mode, inspired by TF2 PayLoad mode (but obviously, Flag based).
There are two teams, one that attacks and one that only defends. The Attacking team doesnt have a flag to be captured, but only a flag delivering spot (transparent Flag).
The Defense team has a "capture-able" Flag on its base, and the team must play defensively to prevent its flag to be captured.
Only the Attacking team can score by Flag Captures. The Attacking team wins by hitting the Score Limit.
The Defense team can't score at all. The Defense team wins if the Time Limit is hit before the Score Limit is hit by the Attacking Team.
This means that both Score and Time limit are needed for this mode to work.
Because of that, this mode forces Both Score and Time limit.
The default values are: Score Limit: 5, Time Limit: 20min.
Obviously the balanced amount varies per map, so just use the command lines to adjust the limits.

Command line /c# now has 8 new values for the parameter:
4 = TeamDM(spawn), 5 = TeamDM(no spawn)
6 = CTF(spawn), 7 = CTF(no spawn)
8 = 1-Flag CTF(spawn), 9 = 1-Flag CTF(no spawn)
10 = Attack/Defense CTF(spawn), 11 = Attack/Defense CTF(no spawn)

The Teams

To set your team, go to the 'NETPLAY OPTIONS'
Team mode supports 4 teams:

Number Color Name
1 Blue Team
2 Red Team
3 Green Team
4 Brown Team

Blue and Red teams are the default TDM and CTF teams.
Green and Brown teams are the default Duke Tag teams.
There isn't any hardcoded restrictions on nDuke regarding that.
That is just the standard convention for the team modes specific nDuke maps.

Command line -team # to start the game on a specific team, where # is the team number (1~4)

Console command TEAM # to set your team, where # is the team number (1~4)

NFLAG bit 4 to disable in game team changes

Team spawn points

Implemented Team spawn points (this was a lot of work... and is the best thing of nDuke team mode).
If you're a mapper, check the mapping guide for details

Team score HUD

Player and team score are calculated separately
In TDM, if a player changes team, the team score is recalculated
In CTF modes, the team score is the Flag capture points, not the team frags
There is a new HUD to display only team total score
Can be set on the 'NETPLAY OPTIONS'

Console command MINIMALISTFRAGBAR # to show only the team score/frag bar if playing on team modes, where # is the mode (0 = NORMAL, 1 = MINIMALIST)

Team chat

After typing a message, there's now a new option to send it to all team mates

Team view

You can watch your team mates screens, like on coop play

Triggered with the see coop view key

NFLAG bit 64 to disable it from the current session

Team partners on map

Team partners are now shown on the map

Team colored Trip Bombs

On team modes the trip bomb lasers are now team colored

NFLAG bit 256 to disable it from the current session

Smart nightvision

Nightvision wont glow team mates

NFLAG bit 512 to disable it from the current session

Smart autoaim

Autoaim ignores team-mates
Team mates can still be hurt though so be careful with your rpg!

NFLAG bit 128 to disable it from the current session